Hello Village at Marymount Families, Friends, and Staff. This is Sue Nall the executive director.

We had 1 COVID case at Marymount Place on August 8. This person did not have any symptoms. As a result of the recent outbreak at Marymount Place, all staff must wear N95 masks and face shields until further notice. Villa St. Joseph first and second floor staff are also in N95 masks and face shields. We have found the N95 masks to be effective in preventing the spread of COVID.

We continue to do outbreak testing with our residents and staff in those areas and at Marymount Place.

Our COVID updatesince March 2020: Villa St. Joseph has no Active staff and or Resident Cases. We had a total of 209resident or staff cases. Memory Care Assisted Living at Villa St Joseph has no active Resident or Staff cases and a cumulative total of 14 cases. MarymountPlace has 3 Active Resident or Staff cases — and a cumulative total of 39resident/staff cases.

Now a reminder to visitors: please be truthful when answering the COVID questions asked of you prior to seeing your loved one. It is important that we do all we can to keep COVID out of the building.

As I have reported in past calls, COVID cases have been surging locally and globally for the past month. The culprit is the virus variant Omicron BA.5. This variant is more contagious than its predecessors. It can circumvent existing immunity in many people.

The symptoms of BA.5 are like previous COVID variants: fever, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, headaches, muscle pain, and fatigue. Please contact your health care professional should you experience these symptoms.

I urge you to remain vigilant against the recent COVID surge. Practice the 3 Ws –wash your hands, wear a mask, and watch your distance.