Hello Village at Marymount Families, Friends, and Staff. This is Sue Nall the executive director.

We had another COVID positive staff case late last night at Villa St. Joseph. The person had tested negative the previous shift worked. All SCU staff along with CCU staff must continue wearing N95 masks and face shields at this time. Marymount Place staff are also in N95 masks and face shields. Memory Care staff can wear surgical masks and eyewear.

Our COVID updatesince March 2020: Villa St. Joseph has 3 Active staff and or Resident Cases. We had a total of 213resident or staff cases. Memory Care Assisted Living at Villa St Joseph has no active Resident or Staff cases and a cumulative total of 14 cases. MarymountPlace has 0 Active Resident or Staff cases — and a cumulative total of 39resident/staff cases.

A portion of SCU residents were tested today and all were negative. We will continue to be in outbreak at this time.

Just a reminder to be kind to our reception staff. They are following the federally mandated CMS guidelines regarding COVID screening and signing in. We cannot change any type of screening or ignore it until CMS decides to make changes. Given the fact that our population is the most vulnerable and early on saw so many deaths in facilities – even with vaccines CMS and CDC feel we need to be cautious and strict guidelines related to screening and quarantine.

Remember the 3 W’s – wash your hands, watch your distance and wear your mask when in crowds.