Hello Village at Marymount Family, Friends, and Staff. This is Sue Nall the Executive Director.

We had an administrative staff member test positive for COVID yesterday. This morning we had a staff member on the second floor Continuing Care Unit test positive. Both staff members are experiencing flu-like symptoms, which prompted them to take a COVID test. The CCU staff member tested negative yesterday, but was positive today.

We conducted contact tracing and determined this person worked beyond her assigned CCU hallway. We reviewed the residents and staff with whom both of these staff members may have had contact. We tested some staff members today, and each was negative. We will do additional testing tomorrow.

Our COVID update since March 2020: Villa St. Joseph has 2 Active resident and staff Cases. We had a total of 271 resident or staff cases. Memory Care Assisted Living at Villa St Joseph has 0 active Resident and Staff cases and a cumulative total of 22 cases. Marymount Place has 0 Active Resident or Staff cases and a cumulative total of 62 resident/staff cases. 

To add insult to injury, Cuyahoga County COVID status is back to Red. This means staff must have on eyewear when in Villa St. Joseph, in addition to a surgical mask. Face shields and surgical masks are required on CCU.

Obviously, this recent COVID flare up is concerning. It also is proof that we will continue to deal with COVID for the foreseeable future.

With this in mind, please be diligent and practice the 3Ws – wash and sanitize your hands, wear a mask, and watch your distance in social settings. Doing so not only will protect you, but also your friends and loved ones. Stay safe everyone!