Hello Village at Marymount Family, Friends, and Staff. This is Sue Nall the Executive Director.

Today’s COVID testing results are somewhat of a mixed bag. Yesterday we had another positive case at Marymount Place and today we tested Marymount Place residents today and are grateful for no additional cases.  We were notified by 2 staff members at Villa St Joseph they were positive.  Both haven’t worked in a number of days and 1 had exposure to a family member.  Because of these cases Memory Care was tested today in addition to the SCU residents.  We had no additional cases on Memory Care, unfortunately we had 6 additional resident cases on SCU our 1st floor.  Marymount Place, MCU, and Villa St. Joseph 1st floor residents and staff must test every 3 to 7 days until 14 days have passed with no positive cases.

Our COVID update since March 2020: Villa St. Joseph has 9 Active resident and staff Cases. We had a total of 259 resident or staff cases. Memory Care Assisted Living at Villa St Joseph has 2 active Resident and Staff cases and a cumulative total of 22 cases.  Note the memory care cases count both for the nursing home and assisted living side.  Marymount Place has 2 Active Resident or Staff cases and a cumulative total of 60 resident/staff cases.

National reports indicate influenza cases are declining. COVID numbers rose in the past few weeks and are expected to keep climbing in light of holiday gatherings and close contact during traveling.

Marymount Place and first floor SCU staff are required to wear N95 masks and face shields. All VSJ staff outside of SCU must be in eyewear and a surgical mask. The eyewear requirement is due to Cuyahoga County’s current Red status for COVID spread.

As a result of contact tracing we believe the 1st floor SCU cases to be from a variety of sources. I expect we will see additional cases due to family and friends gathering with the holidays and visiting our residents.  We ask that Marymount Place, MCU, and SCU residents wear a mask when out of their rooms. Marymount Place and Villa St Joseph visitors: Please do not visit in the common areas at this time. Visitors should not be eating with residents. Social distance when possible. Please do not visit if you have cold- or flu-like symptoms- this includes sinus symptoms like a simple stuffy or runny nose.

Another holiday weekend will soon be upon us. Let’s do everything we can to curb COVID as we usher in the new year.