Hello Village at Marymount Family,Friends, and Staff. This is Sue Nall the Executive Director. 

Despite diligently following recommendations of the County Health Board, our infection control physician, and our tireless efforts to keep COVID out of the building, we had another person test positive for the virus today. This person was vaccinated, further proving the need to wash hands, wear masks, and watch your distance when interacting with others.

Our COVID updatesince March 2020: Villa St. Joseph has 5 Active Staff and Resident Cases. We have a total of 98resident and staff cases. Memory Care Assisted Living at Villa St Joseph has no Resident or Staff cases and a cumulative total of 1 case. MarymountPlace has no Active Resident or Staff cases — and a cumulative total of 11resident/staff cases. 

Visitations remain closed at Villa St. Joseph for a minimum of 14 days — or until we’re out of outbreak mode. We are closely monitoring all residents and staff every day during the next week or so. All vaccinated staff must be tested weekly. Unvaccinated staff must be tested twice weekly. We require all staff on the short-term unit to wear full PPE as another preventative measure.

What we’ve seen in the past 10 days is the need for us to remain on high alert when it comes to protecting against COVID. The vaccine remains the best way to help win this battle. Yet to date only about 46% of all Ohioans have been vaccinated.

In the next day or so, the FDA is expected to announce it is authorizing a COVID-19 booster shot. This shot would be for some people who are immunocompromised. This would be a third shot of the current two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. We’ll watch these developments closely.

I don’t like having to make these calls to you. But part of keeping everyone safe and healthy is fully communicating our action plan to you.

Thank you for your patience currently. Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.