Hello, Village at Marymount Family, Friends, and Staff; this is Sue Nall the Executive Director.

We wanted to take a minute to remind visitors and staff of some regulations and wish you Happy Easter.

We continue to have no new COVID cases in any of our buildings. But please be careful over the holiday. Since our COVID regulations come from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) we must continue to have staff and visitors in masks. Please DO NOT take off your masks when visiting your loved one as many of our residents may be sharing a room with another resident or have other visitors.

You also cannot be eating with your loved one. It is acceptable to bring them food, but visitors should refrain from eating with the resident. These reminders can be found on a sheet you may take with you at the front desk area. As the weather becomes warm you may also visit in our outdoor areas on campus.

A reminder for vaccinated staff that they must be in eyewear and surgical masks. Staff with exemptions must be in N95 masks and face shields. Agency, staff exemptions, and staff that are not up to date with their vaccines need to be COVID testing. Please see your supervisor should you have questions.

We will be rolling out a new COVID screening kiosk. It will be rolled out to staff prior to a roll out with visitors. Please check your email and texts for more information.

I would like to close with an “Easter” thought and prayer –

We often think Easter is the end of a painful journey that marked the end of Jesus’ life on Earth. The journey leading to Easter included betrayal by friends, false accusations, being whipped and “crowned” with thorns, and then having to drag the wooden cross through the city streets before he was nailed to it and hung up to die. But on Easter Sunday, we remember that Jesus accepted all that suffering and made of it an act of love to convince us of His Father’s love and forgiveness. It became a triumphant symbol of his ultimate success – perfect love and offering of self for those we love.

May we all absorb that love and use it for good. May we be kind, caring and sympathetic to other’s needs so that the compassion we are capable of can shine through us and brighten the hearts of others – Happy, Blessed Easter everyone!