Hello Village at Marymount Family, Friends, and Staff. This is Sue Nall the Executive Director.

Unfortunately, we continue to see positive cases with our staff.  Many from community exposure.  We are also seeing a trend that nonvaccinated, those with only the 1st dose or those that DID NOT get a booster are those that are ending up positive.  Most mainly with cold symptoms.  We have a non-clinical person who will count in both Marymount Place & Villa St. Joseph’s number.

Our COVID update since March 2020: Villa St. Joseph has 6 Active Staff and Resident Cases. We have a total of 118 resident and staff cases. Memory Care Assisted Living at Villa St Joseph has 0 Resident or Staff cases and a cumulative total of 2 cases. Marymount Place has 6 Active Resident or Staff cases — and a cumulative total of 21 resident/staff cases.

We continue to do all we can to minimize COVID in our buildings.

We remain in outbreak mode. Marymount Place, dietary staff and the staff on the 2nd floor of Villa St. Joseph (our CCU unit) who are vaccinated must test once per week. All campus unvaccinated staff must test twice weekly. Remember, you’re not fully vaccinated until two weeks after your last dose of the vaccine.

The World Health Organization is reporting that the Omicron variant has reached just about every country in the world. We are unable to tell whether our COVID cases stem from this variant.  We do know that Delta continues to surge in Ohio and many places in the US.  We also know that Cuyahoga County has the highest number of cases in the state.  The Governor also announced that he is sending the National Guard into hospitals to help with the increasing cases and staffing stresses.  Please remember we also have staffing strains and be kind.  We have a number of people out on quarantine and we are doing the best we can to take care of all the day to day operations in all departments!

I know it’s difficult, but it is important to watch your distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands. Proper hand washing includes lathering your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Rinse your hands well under clean, running water.

Congrats to Linda Blackwell who won our $1000 Franciscan Spirit Award!!